New!!! Energieträger now available for forks!

25. August 2017

Tidy! One of the hottest groupsets for ambitious bikers is the Shimano XTR, Ultegra and Dura Ace Di2. The Di2 battery pack is available in a round version, for assembly in the seatpost, or now for the fork. So far you needed a seatpost with a special Di2 adaptation or crafting with expanding foam was necessary. Tune releases a clean and simple attachment for the Di2 battery, for round seatposts without a special Di2 adaptation. The small super-domestique is called Energieträger (energy carrier). With it you can mount the Shimano Di2 battery easily, fast and secure in round seatposts. The attachment is made up of two alu-plates, two bolts and one silicone ring. With only 8 gram it weights about as much as a chewing gum and is nearly as easy to use: Pull the “Energieträger” onto the battery, push the battery into the seatpost, tighten the bolts slightly – done. The “Energieträger” touches the seatpost only with the silicone ring, so it does not leave scratches. Ther Energieträger is now available as a version for forks, what let’s your battery pack disappear savely inside your fork. System integration! to the product ...


Sale Würger & Schraubwürger (30,0 mm and 38,0 mm)

All good things come to an end, even seat tubes. For more than 20 years, our seatpost clamp "Würger" has been in faithful and reliable service. But a couple of years ago, we gave him the "Schraubwürger" as a lightweight sibling, and as time passed, the Schraubwürger garnered more and more customer attention. So it’s with a heavy heart, that we have now decided to let the quick-release version "Würger” retire. We still have a few in stock, (in assorted colours and sizes), so if you want to secure one of the final classic issues, act quickly! For our cross-country (and of course road bike) riders, the threaded aluminum variant "Schraubwürger" is still available in 31.8 and 34.9mm diameters. Due to high demand, we’ve also added a 36.4mm variant as well, but the rarely requested 30.0mm and 38.0mm are also being put out to pasture. Again, we have a final few on our shelves. Finally, the zenith of our efforts (for all weight weenies) our carbon "Würger Skyline" in 30.8 / 31.8 / 34.9mm at a frankly ridiculous 5g remains in our lineup. to the saddle-clamps  ...



A small tool, that punches well above its weight! Exclusively developed with the tool specialist WIHA. The TT10 meets almost all your needs. An extremely short screwdriver, with a wide grip ensures effortless screwing and unscrewing, even in tight spaces. 6 + 1 total bits: 5 hexagonal sizes (H2, H2.5, H3, H4, and H5), 1 Phillips head (PH2), 1 Torx (T25) Ready for almost every situation, it weights a mere 85 grams. to the product...


Great Feedback from John Winterdyk CANADA about our Komm-Vor Brogué and Komm-Vor Plus saddle

30. Mai 2017

I generally think that bike saddles for some are an afterthought when buying a bike. But, for anyone who rides regularly, we all know that having the right saddle is key to a comfortable and pain free ride. An interesting irony is that the more you pay, the less saddle you get – translates into minimalist type saddles. The trick is how do you build a very comfortable saddle that doesn’t include much material? Over the years, I’ve ridden and tested numerous saddles all with varying degrees of satisfaction. However, since I first discovered Tune saddles, almost ten years ago now, I haven’t ridden anything else! As a Master’s level bike racer, I think of two things when it comes to my saddle – comfort and ideally light weight. The Komm-vor+ is on both my racing and training bikes. At circa 89 grams it is literally the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned and ridden…raced on. Despite being truly minimalist, I ride thousands of KM each year and sometimes over varied terrain…and have never experienced any issues! Recently, I was introduce to the Borgue saddle which is based on the vor+ saddle platform. Instead of being a mere carbon shell...


NEW!!! TUNE Carbon-Socks

22. Mai 2017

Guys – it’s getting really cool now! And in typical Tune fashion, we’ve created something very special for you; allow us to present our ingenious TUNE Carbon-Socks And before you ask, if we have a titanium bolt loose… Carbon fibers (more precisely, “Resistex® Carbon”) actually make sense in this area: By combining textile fibres with a continuous thread of conductive material based on activated carbon, Resistex® Carbon creates a yarn with unique technical characteristics: Antistatic Due to the conductivity of the fibres, our socks protect the body from the absorption of static energy, electro smog and UV-rays. Antibacterial, heat-regulating and moisture-transferring Resistex® Carbon accelerates the evaporation process of the perspiration, reduces the formation of moisture on the skin and keeps the temperature constant. High performance In the case of physical activity, the fibre lowers the concentration of lactic acid, improves the blood circulation and oxygenates the cells. 100% natural Non-toxic and chemical-free 78% polyamide / 21% cotton / 1% elastase … and one of the most crucial questions that hast to evolve for every TUNE product: Weight: Only 25 grams / pair (size “M”) So our new socks are perfectly suitable for everyone who loves to push the pedals like the way we do! It does not matter if the frame is made out of carbon – or aluminium,...

Komm-Vor und Brogue

NEW!!! Komm-Vor+ Brogue

6. April 2017

Recently unveiled to the public at the Berliner Fahrradschau – our most exclusive saddle ever: The Komm-Vor Brogue Its not just for the Bugatti and Maybach drivers out there, but for everyone with an appreciation of a little extravagance.? This decadent model of our proven and respected Komm-Vor saddle is entirely handmade and upholstered in Germany with elaborately perforated leather that echoes the style of a pair of classic brogues. Now supreme elegance comes with minimal weight. to the product...

Titan-Schrauben M5 x 9,7 - z.B. für Bremsscheibenbefestigung

Titanium-bolts in the World of Mountain Biking

5. April 2017

The experts at World of Mountain Biking had a look at some small parts in their current issue of the biking magazine… excellent! Our Titanium-bolts, M5 x 9,7 Trying to save weight in areas of ‘mission critical’ safety is a knife edge. Therefore, to prevent disaster whilst building light, we’ve chosen the high strength of Titanium. Hence, they save about 5 grams per wheel when compared to steel bolts. price 29,90 Euro set (6 bolts) Weight 7,3 g


Availability carbon seatposts

27. März 2017

Unfortunately our carbon seatposts "Schwarzes Stück" and "Krummes Stück" are still not available. The previous version met all industry standard requirements with no problem, but we have decided that we would like to offer a seatpost which passes much higher standards still. In order to achieve this and provide you with an even better product, unfortunately we are going to have to invest some time and are currently working on a completely new seatpost. Unfortunately we can not give you a confirmed availability date until we are happy with the new design and production is underway. Some positive news to take from the whole affair, is that our own seat post testing laboratory is already in full-swing. We’d like to apologise to fans, friends and customers, and we hope for your understanding. Furthermore, we would like to thank all those who remain loyal to our great products - despite the wait...

Komm-Vor Sattel Rennrad Tipp

Komm-Vor Plus wins RACER TIP in RennRad Magazine

20. März 2017

The magazine RennRad tested saddles, for Tune the Komm-Vor Plus entered the race. The saddle could convince and won the RACER TIP award. Fazit RennRad magazine: light but nevertheless comfortable. Tune does much right with the Komm-Vor Plus.   [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="23094,23092,23090,23088"] to the product...