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tune – Born in the Black forest

Did you know that

1. … Ulis first mountain bike was a Kettler Adventure S? Because it did not fit back from the Capverde into the flier, he simply left it there.

2. … the bottom bracket specially developed by Tune for the later Tour de France winner? They were J.U.

3. … the 15-time German downhill champion Marcus Klausmann has been driving Tune since his junior times?

4. … Tune has developed a four-point bottom bearing with full ceramic ball bearings? It cost 2,900 DM and is still the most expensive bottom bracket ever.

5. … Tune jewelery, among other things, was the „Click“ of the sales jam at the 1995 Tune booth at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Kirchzarten?

6. … Uli Fahl was invited to the casting of the Bullyfilm „Wickie and the strong men“? The casting company wanted to win Uli for the role of the old „Urobe“.

7. … a kilogram of aluminum is consumed for a hub body of 70 grams?

8. … Tune has distributors in 43 countries?

9. … our lightest product with 0.4 grams of the Spokes Magnet Pulsar?

10. the first tune shirts with „Hello“ on the chest and „good bye“ were printed on the back?