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Well, what’s there to tell about us?

Anyone who sets about winding up the story of Tune will quickly notice that this company does not write its story in words, but mills it in aluminium and layers it in carbon. Everything that is at stake here is perfect products. The rest falls down like the shavings left over from a kilos heavy aluminum tube when Tune manufactures one of its 70 gram light noble hubs.

If you look around at Tune, you won’t find a chronicle of the event. But he encounters milestones, feels enthusiasm and discovers thank you postcards from all over the world: from Olympic champions and world champions, racing cyclists, downhillers, slopestylers and dirt bikers – Sabine Spitz for example, Marcus Klausmann, Mike Kluge, Tereza Hurikova, the Fumic brothers. And he keeps coming across Uli Fahl, the man who founded Tune and directed the fortunes of the brand until 2016.

The man who started with a few aluminium screws and set up a company that today produces 12,000 different products (if you count, okay, all designs and colour variations). Anyone who wants to make their bike lighter, more robust and of higher quality will end up at the 30-man company in Buggingen near Freiburg. Some Tune fans even have their company logo tattooed. One can assume a certain brand loyalty here. Want to know more? Then you can find out the rest under “History”. A lot of joy!