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/ Turnstange Lowriser


Turnstange of Tune: made for Race, All Mountain and the use of lock-on grips. Made by Tune, it fits perfectly to our stem Geiles Teil 4.0.

Technical data

Material Carbon / UD-Finish
Rise 15 mm
Max. biker weight110kg
Weight115g (+-5g)
Hint not suitable for Downhill


Turnstange Lowriser

The handlebar for all trail acrobats. Apart from the name it has nothing in common with the leader out ouf steel. Indeed, you can do a swingup but you will land only on the saddle. There you do not have to be afraid of anything: it copes with Race, All Mountain and locking grips easily. Made by Tune, it fits perfectly together with our stem. In combination together with our Steam Geiles Teil 4.0 an unbeatable combination!

To guarantee your safety, the EFBe TRI Test has been underwent in addtion to EN-Norm.

Due to the strengthened construction the use of locking grips is possible. The 750mm wide handlebar might be shortened up to maximal 50mm per side. The total width of 650mm must not be undercut.

The Tune Turnstange Lowriser a Backsweep of 5° and 3° upsweep.

Backsweep, Upsweep, Rise?


The curvature of the handlebar in the direction of travel backwards towards the driver.


The curvature of the handlebar upwards.


Raise the handlebar above the clamp area (stem).




Anleitung/Manual „Turnstange/Wunderbar„

Download (362.34 KB)

Instruction „Turnstange/Wunderbar„

Download (215.18 KB)

tune FAQ

Can I mount the Tune Barends (Hörnchen/RH1) on a carbon handlebar?

In Theory, it is allowed. However, the handlebar should be released for a barend assembly. The Tune RH1 should not be mounted in case the handlebar producer prohibits it specifically.

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

Delivery time: 3-4 days

Artikel hinzugefügt!

  • Hibike

    tune Turnstange tested at Hibike

    Our handlebar series Turnstange was selected and tested by HIBIKE as shop HiLight. We offer the Turnstange as a flat bar (6.5° or 12° backsweep) and as a 15 mm riser (5° back- and 3° upsweep), all of which have been closely examined in the test. HIBIKE emphasizes the TUNE typical light weight on all handlebars and writes: "But you have to let the numbers melt on your tongue: 750 mm at 115 g for the flatbar and 120 g for the riser - krass! The lightest handlebar in the series, the 6.5° backsweep flatbar with only 115 g (+/- 5 g), is subjected to even more intensive assembly and driving tests. HIBIKE weighs in again and measures a slim 113g. Also the high-quality but nevertheless restrained design is positively mentioned: "the matt UD carbon look shimmers nobly, which is also matched by the black tune lettering in the clamping area. Discreet stealth look, not bold...". After the final obligatory driving test, HIBKE draws a positive conclusion: "The handlebar transmits all steering movements exactly, but subjectively absorbs vibrations very well. Even in the strong cradle step there is no flex to be felt".

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