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Tried out: Tune TSR35 Wheels

1. April 2019

  Aluminum and brake pads haven’t spoken their last word yet: a high standing match!   Tune and Wheels… an Expert at work   TSR 35: Aluminum version 2019   Tune is a German company that is well known of our readers (reread about our visit to the Black Forest). They owe their reputation to extra light components. Among their leading products, their hubs have always been wearing the crown! Through the years they pushed the boundaries of weight and in despite of their “exotic” status they sure knew how to seduce the most demanding customers… even winning some mountain stages of the Tour de France. To complete its quest for the lightest wheel, Tune has always associated their hubs with ultra-light rims, essentially from other German artisanal carbon producers. Over time, Tune has also gained expertise in assembling the most unique wheel sets! The wheels are hand-assembled in Germany by an expert operator and assisted by high-precision measuring devices. But hold on, this is not the good old gauge of tension found in home editors, but a specific workstation, controlled by computer, which assures a never seen, to our knowledge, assembling quality. Not the kind of bench-mounting you may…


NEW!!! Tune Zuckerboost

9. Mai 2018

Sugar was long-time a luxury good and only available for the upper class. The valuable substance was served in noble silver containers. Today it changed to an always and everywhere available mass product. Far away from luxury. By now two kind of people exist. For one group it is basically a staple, for others its real bad stuff. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, a healthy dose is the solution. For a small dose and the and the conscious use of sugar we offer our tune Zuckerboost. With the Zuckerboost we give sugar some of its status, to be something special, back. With us sugar again gets to something special. Tune Zuckerbost, the probably noblest sugar dispenser on the market! The main body of the Zuckerboost is made of a thick, long and heavy bar of aluminium. Only a several minuets lasting machining in a computer controlled mill give the body its main form. On the first view one could thing the product is done and ready to use. Totally wrong. Directly after the machining the aluminium is very sensitive and can only be touched with gloves. To get some colour into the game we give the raw…


VERY GOOD for Tune TSR 27 Disc in Roadbike Disc-Wheel Test

Disc wheels have moved into road racing, more and more bikes get equipped with disc brakes. The brute force convinces. For a long time disc brakes didn’t make the breakthrough. One of the main arguments was they are to heavy. But that must not be any more, especially not with our TSR27 Disc. The German Roadbike magazine tested nine middle class disc wheelset in their May edition. We supplied the magazine with our tune TSR27 Disc the lightest wheelset and archived a excellent test result. In complex measurement on the road and in the laboratory the magazine tested all wheelsets intensively. Our TSR27 Disc was one of the best wheelsets tested. On one hand our TSR27 DIsc could satisfy with its weight, on the other hand the acceleration and torsion results were highly parsed.“…the very torsion stiff TSR27 accelerates like a rocket: nor set in the test accelerates faster or directer.“ Of course low weight is not enough for a perfect road behaviour. Therefore we equipped our wheelset with a 19,4 mm wide rim and a 25 mm tire. The tire sits perfectly on the rim and enables sportive and direct riding without loss of comfort. Concluding our „racing fast…