„cycletechreview.com“ reviews our Wasserträger 2.0!


by Paul on the 4th of April 2019


„Tune aren’t a well known company in the US. While they appear in many a discussion online, they’re unlikely to be sitting on the shelf at the local bike shop. So, if you aren’t familiar with them, let me give you a little bit of context. They are a company that makes a $220 carbon fibre coffee mug. That’s a bold move and to me at least, it’s a signifier of just the kind of crazy they are, the best kind of crazy!

Saying they know carbon fibre is an understatement, and the Wassertrager 2.0 delivers exactly what you’d expect. At 9 grams, you can barely feel it in your hand. Just for some context, a US dollar bill weighs 1 gram, so a stack of ten dollar bills is heavier than what Tune has created. Despite the ultra low weight, it’s a sturdy piece of equipment and even with the very thin pieces of carbon that it’s made up of, it feels sturdy and rigid.

Speaking of crazy, it’s worth noting that despite Tune offering a very premium product, the pricing is actually very reasonable. The Tune Wassertrager 2.0 can be purchased direct from Tune for €46,90, and that actually includes a water bottle. It’s certainly more than what the offering from your local shop will be priced at, but given the level of quality and the included bottle, it’s a surprisingly low price.“


See the Article: https://cycletechreview.com/2019/accessories/bottle-cages/