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Kong MTB XC. Our best seller for disc brakes for years. The entry-level model with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Technical data

Colours available in all Tune anodised colours
Max. Rider weight 100kg
Max. System weight 115kg
Weight 220,1g/12X148mm-6 bolt_ 215,7g/12X148mm-centerlock_ 217,7g/12X142mm-6 bolt_ 213,3g/12X142mm-Centerlock
Hub hole count 28 or 32 for 3-cross pattern
Max Spoke Tension 1100N
Axle type available in 5mmX135mm /12mmX142mm /12X148mm with Aluminium Endcaps
Bearing Type Standard
Freewheel type 3Teeth Titanium Technology
Freewheel standard available with XD, XDR, Shimano HG10 or Shimano HG11
Brake Interface available in Centerlock and in 6-Bolt for 5mm, 12mm axles
For axle type 135mm and 142mm
Flange distance left 34,2mm
Flange distance right 20,8mm
Pitch circle left 55,5mm
Pitch circle right 55,5mm
Dia. spoke hole 2,4mm
For axle type 148mm
Flange distance left 36,3mm
Flange distance right 24,1mm
Pitch circle left 55,5mm
Pitch circle right 55,5mm
Dia. spoke hole 2,4mm



The Kong MTB XC hub has been our best seller for disc brakes for years with an excellent price/performance ratio and is the entry-level model.

Whether for MTB or Crosscountry, with the Kong MTB XC you get a stable, light, flexible and high-quality product.

For all who want it uncomplicated. You want to retrofit?
Sure thing. Thanks to the 17mm axle system, you can quickly convert them to the desired axle standards.

What about stability and strength? Very good, because the hub body is made of “aviation” aluminium. This type of material has been used successfully in aviation for years and convinces with its high strength.

Black alone is too boring for you? Super, because all our hubs are anodized. In addition, the anodized finish ensures high corrosion resistance.

From the region, for the world. 100% developed, produced, milled, anodized, assembled and shipped in the Black Forest.

What are you waiting for? Unbeatable for years…

You want even more? Then have a look at Kong Endurance or Ceramics. For everyone who wants more.


Anleitung/Manual „Karbonfelgen-Carbon Rim„

Download (559.25 KB)

Anleitung/Manual „Laufradsatz - Wheelset„

Download (144.75 KB)

tune FAQ

Can the Kong (or Prince) hub be converted to the X-12 system?

It is possible with hubs produced after 2009. he axle (including distances) has to be changed. Together with the adjusting washers, the axial bearing play has to be adjusted. A X-12 hub together with another axle can always be converted to a normal quick release system.

Conversion kit: How do I convert a tune rear hub?

In this video we show you how to upgrade your Tune rear hub. All our rear hubs can be easily converted to different freewheel standards and widths. To the hubs: To the conversion kits: Tune tool for conversion:

Compatibility with new Campagnolo Cassettes (Chorus)

Campa freewheels, with new reduced pinion stops (since September 2015), are compatible with all cassettes. Hubs with old Campa freeruns and pinion stops, can be easily converted. For this purpose, please contact our service team at What was the problem with the new Campagnolo cassettes? The bridge has been modified. As a result, the cassette no longer stood flat on the stop ring. It collides with its shoulder whereby the complete sprocket is sitting a little too far outside. As a result, the entire sprocket package sat too far out. At the moment we are only aware of the changed contour in the chorus cassettes. However, we assume that Record and Co. also have changed contours  

Why 148 mm hub-spacing and not 150 mm?

The reason for this is the Q-factor. The installation width of 150mm requires an increase in the Q-factor, which is why the choice was made for 148mm. The Q-factor of 135mm and 142 did not change therby. Due to the increase of the width from 142mm to 148mm, the position of the cassette changed, what led to a change of the chain line consequence. In order to achieve the same shifting performance, BOOSTcompatible cranks are needed. For cranks with spiders an adequate chainring or boost spider is needed. The position of the chainring moves 3mm outwards equally as the cassette. The Q-factor as well as the crank- and bearing width remain the same. Tune offers already the Black Foot and Smart Foot cranks as Boost version, here we use absoluteBlack chainrings.   Surely some of you wonder why the hub producer did not adapted 150mm hubs. A reduction of the distances is not possible, that is why we have designed our own BOOST hubs. The work was worth it!

Why it is not possible to convert from 135/142mm to BOOST 148mm?

In our opinion, the rebuilt of a conventional hub into a BOOST standard in combination with distances is a “botched-up construction” and is not offered by us. The advantage of a BOOST frame is primarily the stiffness of the wheels. On the one hand we achieve this by raising the flange distance to improve the rear dish and on the other hand by enlarging the bearing spacing of the hub. An extension of the axle stubs leads to torsional weakening of the wheel stiffness and is therefore in our view completely counterproductive. The BOOST standard is on the technical point of view a really good development, that we can confirm. It´s worth the investment but you shouldn´t save costs regarding the wheels! details-disc_gd217655

tune FACTS

Choose your bearings!

Choose your bearings! As different as the applications for bicycles are, as different are the demands on the material. Which type of rider are you? The all-rounder, the 4 - season type or the gram hunter? Allrounder: As an all-rounder you like to rely on the tried and tested and the price/performance ratio is very important to you. Your fields of application are moderate racing bike, MTB or cross. The material should last for a long time. Here we recommend our STANDARD precision bearings with special bearing grease. They have been tried and tested for over 25 years and have an excellent price/performance ratio. The steel ball bearings are distinguished by their excellent durability. A standard nylon seal makes them insensitive to most weather conditions. The moderate use of steam jets is standard. 4 - Seasons: As a 4-seasons type you love rain, dirt and snow as well as summer, sun and sunshine. The use of a high pressure cleaner is your everyday life. For you the motto is: There is no bad weather, only unsuitable material! We recommend our brand-new and double-sealed ENDURANCE ball bearings. A solid lubricant sprayed around the balls prevents moisture from penetrating and thus rust. This makes regular maintenance unnecessary. Simply install - and forget! Gram hunter: Our CERAMIC hybrid ball bearings are your first choice as gram chaser and wattmeter. The bearing diameter is tolerated with less than 0.25 micron. None is lighter and saves more power than this ceramic bearing. Ideal for time trials, triathlons and anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and their bike. Which bearing suits you best? Choose your bearings!

Choose the freewheel body for your needs!

Choose the freewheel body for your needs!
Old next to young. The world reinvents itself every hour. Further developments are important. Because they are the basis for lifelong learning. They ensure growth and vitality in all areas of life.
Here, too, the wheel keeps turning. However, we continue to value the tried and tested and integrate it into the future.
That is why our STANDARD freewheel is still the measure of all things, even after 25 years.
Proven 3 pawl technology made of titanium and a balanced ratio of weight and durability. With this freewheel you are equipped for almost every use.
For all those who like it harder there is our new ENDURANCE freewheel in our program.
It is reinforced at the particularly stressed points and thus achieves a 20% higher stiffness compared to the standard freewheel. Important for you if you are a little heavier and like to ride the Crosser.
Or you might prefer to shoot down the trails with your AM-Fully and take one or two jumps. Then our ENDURANCE freewheel is perfect for you.
The SKYLINE 6TEETH is for ambitious athletes in the racing bike sector. The motto is: Full speed ahead! Your power is perfectly transmitted with 6 locking pawls and increased locking points. Thus you bring your full power on the road. The weight-optimized freewheel can also be driven with 3 Titanium pawls.
This is racing technology at the highest level. As an icing on the cake you get the carbon sprocket stop ring!

Available in all tune anodized colors:

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

Delivery time: 3-4 days

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