NEW!!! Speedneedle 20TWENTY

The Speedneedle has been on the market for an unbelievable 20 years, and just in time for its anniversary, we proudly present the new Speedneedle 20TWENTY.

We have been offering our Speedneedle saddle for over 20 years! It was one of the first light weight saddles suitable for everyday use. The de facto low weight (depending on the model, potentially under 90 g), the high comfort, the durability and of course the unique design all helped our Tune Speedneedle to quickly become a enduring offering, and not just on the lightweight scene. From its release, up until today, demand has remained constant.

Now we proudly present the new Speedneedle 20TWENTY to celebrate and anticipate the next 20 years. The Speedneedle 20TWENTY is based on the Speedneedle Marathon, though at 130 mm, it’s a little wider. We also kept our proprietary carbon-aramid-mixed struts. What we updated, was the saddle shell and the upholstering, instead of two overlapping pieces of leather / alcantara, the saddle is now covered by two pieces laid parallel along the longest axis to guarantee comfort!

The saddle is available from today, with an alcantara upholstery at 99 g, or in leather in black, white or red (114 g).

Every single Speedneedle saddle is handmade by Jürgen Mikus. Jürgen runs a small carbon workshop in Leverkusen, Germany. He manufactures specialist carbon products with intense love. Hence, we can only offer limited quantities, as the Speedneedle saddle is not for mass production. Therefore please anticipate a slightly longer than usual lead time, but trust us, the saddles are well worth it!



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