NEW!!! Tune Zuckerboost

Sugar was long-time a luxury good and only available for the upper class. The valuable substance was served in noble silver containers. Today it changed to an always and everywhere available mass product. Far away from luxury.

By now two kind of people exist. For one group it is basically a staple, for others its real bad stuff. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, a healthy dose is the solution.

For a small dose and the and the conscious use of sugar we offer our tune Zuckerboost. With the Zuckerboost we give sugar some of its status, to be something special, back. With us sugar again gets to something special.

Tune Zuckerbost, the probably noblest sugar dispenser on the market!
The main body of the Zuckerboost is made of a thick, long and heavy bar of aluminium. Only a several minuets lasting machining in a computer controlled mill give the body its main form. On the first view one could thing the product is done and ready to use. Totally wrong. Directly after the machining the aluminium is very sensitive and can only be touched with gloves.
To get some colour into the game we give the raw shapes to our neighbours, the anodizers. Here the shining silver parts get transformed into colourful pieces of jewellery.

Back in our holy halls the next steps follow quickly. In our own laser all hubs and covers get marked. Finally everything gets assembled and packed.

Finished is the only 110 gram light sugar dispenser!

Now the once so valuable good can be served with stile again!

Lottery- Win a Tune Zuckerboost

How much sugar fits in a Tune Zuckerboost?
Send in a answer by mail to till the 31. May and win a tune Zuckerboost in your preferred colour.
The five participants with the best results each get a tune Zuckerboost.

There is no right of appeal. The winnings will not be paid out in cash nor is it possible for prizes to be exchanged.