Black Burner XC Wheels

hotter... hotter... Black Burner

Ultra stiff carbon rims, free choice of colour of the hubs and nipples characterise this piece of jewellery. With the composition we can draw from the full source: We use our classics King and Kong together with the super stylish Sapim D-Light. The result does not only look nice it is even for Tune typical light. The enormous stiffness, the very high stability as well as the excellent quality do convince. The Black Burner get laced and centered manually. Even for the airstream it will not be possible to cool down the hot wheel sets made out of carbon fibres….

Of course our Black Burner wheelset is tubless-ready!


We use standard bearings. This means you can also buy bearings in Australia if you need to. Ours are just a little special, with two main differences:

  • Our bearings have a higher fat filling grade. 30% is standard, whilst ours are filled to 50%. This not only prolongs their life, but also provides a better seal.
  • Standard bearings have variations in play from their production.
Tune bearings have the play specially determined dependent on their use. One single Tune bearing is not standard – the bearing in the free-wheel body on the left. It is constructed specifically to withstand high forces and last extra long.

Sapim CX-Ray

A double butted spoke is drawn to its specific profile, which defines its high strength. The short 2 mm section of the D-Light reduces weight especially on the threaded side. The 2mm section starts just at the beginning of the thread. Therefore, the rotating masses at the end of the spoke are especially reduced. This brings benefits to both the acceleration and braking qualities of the wheel. The use of 14G nipples offers a wide variety of combinations. The middle section is increased to 1,65 mm, which makes the spoke much stiffer and brings less torsion during truing than a 1,5 mm middle section. This results in an easier building process of the wheels.


Specs Black Burner XC

Hubs King & Kong
Rims Black Burner XC
Hole count 28 (650B), 32 (29")
Spokes SAPIM D-Light, black-oxidized
Nipple SAPIM aluminium, anodized
Lacing 3-cross
Max. rider Weight 100kg
Road 1
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 40
Enduro 40
Downhill 1
Freeride 1
Black Burner XC

The enormous stiffness, the high stability as well as the excellent quality convince. The Blackburner wheelset from Tune is set up by hand and centered.

Rims Black Burner XC

Inner width 24.4 mm
Outer width 30.0 mm
Hight 23,5 mm
Rim tape width 26 mm
ERD 559 mm (650B), 597 mm (29")
Max. tire pressure 45 psi / 3,0 bar
Tire width 1,7" - 2,4"
Weight (±5%) 335 g (650B), 360 g (29")