Cannonball 2.0

Tuning for your Cannondale

99 gramm

Cannonball 2.0 Hubs

If a good weapon of mass destruction existed, it would be our Cannonball hub: with the 99 gram Lefty hub you tune your Cannondale to under the stock weight. It is durable due to the resilient big left flange and the special bearings. They are packed to a higher degree ; therefore we use special grease. What does it do? Cannonball accelerates as a blunger in a mixer and is especially durable. Using the cover cap you can dismount the wheel easy and quick. The Cannonball comes in the 6 hole „IS“ standard and is available in all tune anodising colours. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing in Buggingen we offer a complete spare part service up to the smallest end cap.

Cannonball 2.0 for Lefty Supermax and Lefty 2.0:

The new Cannonball 2.0 will be available as from middle of March 2015 and is conceived for for Lefty Supermax and Lefty 2.0. The additional use of an adapter is not anymore necessary! What is the difference between the Cannonball and the new Cannonball 2.0? The disc brake mount is staggered with 7mm towards the fork. This is why the Cannonball 2.0 is therefore compatible with the new Lefty fork without an additional adapter. Due to the flange which is staggered with 7mm towards the fork and sloped towards the spoke direction, a very stable and stiff wheel might be assembled which sets standards respective to the steering precision. The Cannonball 2.0 fork is not compatible with forerunners! Old Leftys are not applicable with the Cannonball 2.0.

We made our thoughts concerning the play of Lefty forks and worked out a solution.
The following video shows you how to adjust our Cannonball 2.0 perfectly to the latest Lefty generation:

The required tool Tune Tool 08.18, Ø25 x37 mm / article number WZ0222
as well as the shim set for all Cannonball hubs (4 pieces each) with article number BNZ0303 are available.


For our hubs we only use standard bearings adjusted for our necessities. This means our bearings have the same width and diameter measurements as standard high precision deep groove ball bearings. Whereas the insides are especially tuned for us. For example, we use a special bearing grease whereby the friction can be reduced, and the lifespan extended. The inside bearing of the freewheel body creates a specialty. The characteristics were individually adapted for the high load experienced by the bearing. To ensure best performance we also adjusted the bearing play exactly for our hubs. Advantage: Standard bearings can be used temporarily, if tune TUNE bearings are not available.

Tune Nabe Querschnitt Lager


Specs Cannonball 2.0

Body aluminium (body, bolt & cover)
Manufacturing methods CNC turned, one-piece body, anodized, laser etched
Number of holes 24, 28, 32
Disc brake mount IS 2000
Bearings 2 deep-groove ball bearings 61802 & 61805
Seals double contact seals
Road 2
Marathon 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 24
Cannonball 2.0

The hub cannonball 2.0 struck at their presentation as a cannonball. With just 99g, our Cannondale Lefty hub sets new standards.