Carbon Socks

People - it's really cool here!

25 gramm

Carbon Socks Clothes

Guys – it’s getting really cool here!

And in typical Tune fashion, we’ve created something very special for you; allow us to present our ingenious

TUNE Carbon-Socks

And before you ask, if we have a titanium bolt loose…

Carbon fibers (more precisely, “Resistex® Carbon”) actually make sense in this area:
By combining textile fibres with a continuous thread of conductive material based on activated carbon, Resistex® Carbon creates a yarn with unique technical characteristics:


Due to the conductivity of the fibres, our socks protect the body from the absorption of static energy, electro smog and UV-rays.

Antibacterial, heat-regulating and moisture-transferring

Resistex® Carbon accelerates the evaporation process of the perspiration, reduces the formation of moisture on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.

High performance

In the case of physical activity, the fibre lowers the concentration of lactic acid, improves the blood circulation and oxygenates the cells.

100% natural

Non-toxic and chemical-free
78% polyamide / 21% cotton / 1% elastase

… and one of the most crucial questions that hast to evolve for every TUNE product:


Only 25 grams / pair (size „M“)

So our new socks are perfectly suitable for everyone who loves to push the pedals like the way we do! It does not matter if the frame is made out of carbon – or aluminium, steel, titanium, bamboo…

Specs Carbon Socks

Sizes S (35-38), M (39-42), L (43-46)
Color black-white
Material Resistex® Carbon; 78% polyamide / 21% cotton / 1% elastane
Special features Antistatic, antibacterial, heat-regulating and moisture-transferring
Road 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100
Freeride 100
Carbon Socks

TUNE-typical, we have again something very special for you to think … We present you our ingenious TUNE carbon socks!

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