GumGum Expander

GumGum is the only part made out of silicone.

7 gramm

GumGum Expander

Total weight whole 7 grams!

It is used as expander in the fork shaft and saves the carbon face.

With 7 gram it undercuts of course every standard expander. It fits in inner diameter from 24 to 25,5 millimeter.

How it works? Put the GumGum with the nitrile rubber, the dividing plates and the screw plate together and put it in the shaft, tighten the screw, ready. Why it is so easy? As the silicone rubber gets pressed together when screwing down and then presses to the fork shaft and blocks. Quasi similar to a brake pad. Just in the same way you can remove it. Suitable for carbon fork shafts.

Specs GumGum Expander

material silicone, aluminium and nitrile rubber
head tube von 24 bis 25,5 mm
weight 7 g
functional principle During adjustment of the headset the silicone rubber gets pressed together and therefore pressed towards the fork shaft. You can remove simply the GumGum during conversion.
GumGum Expander

GumGum Tune’s steering wheel is specially designed for delicate carabine cable shafts. The gentle clamping device made of silicone rubber for control tube diameters from 24 to 25.5 mm.