Komm-Vor Saddle bicolor

Real handwork made in the Black Forest / Germany

98 gramm

Komm-Vor Saddle bicolor

Äußerst komfortabler und flexibler Sattel für die Langstrecke.

Chocolate crackers in troops! Of course we have doped ourselves with chocolate while developing the 98 g light Komm-Vor Bicolour. It eases cogitating . But then some of us had to be careful not to cross the line: 90 kilos inclusive equipment and outfit are allowed, more is not possible with so much lightweight construction. But for that we guarantee you absolute safety regardless of if you ride mountainbike, cyclo cross or a road bike. The flat and wide saddle nose prevents numb limbs. Profound and round side edges provide you with a lot of free moving space even on the steepest of trails. The edge protection, optionally out of Alcantara or artificial leather, prevents scratches. Available in different colours, hand laminated by us in the Black Forest.

The saddle is vegan-friendly (artificial leather).

Colour examples:

The saddle is vegan-friendly (artificial leather).

All saddle frames of tune saddles are highly oval with comm-before, coming-ahead + with 8x10mm, Speedneedle with 7,5×9,5mm and Skyacer with 7mm. So that there may occasionally be problems with the clamping with lateral clamps. Usually, however, special clamps are offered.


blue (RAL 5017 / Pantone 3005C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) foggy green (RAL 6032 / Pantone 3288CC) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) orange (RAL 2009 / Pantone 172C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) pink (RAL 3015 / Pantone 197C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) red (RAL 3020 / Pantone 485C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) white (RAL 9010 / Pantone 705C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) grey (RAL 7001 / Pantone 444C) / black (RAL 7021 / Pantone 491C) Coloured Tune-logo: available for an surcharge (longer waiting time)  


Specs Komm-Vor Saddle bicolor

Saddle frame and rails carbon
Rail Diameters 8 x 10 mm
Edge protection artificial leather
Field of application Road and MTB
Width 131 mm
Length 265 mm
Max. rider weight 90 kg
Road 80
Marathon 90
AllMountain 60
Enduro 60
Downhill 20
Komm-Vor Saddle bicolor

The carbon frame takes up the forces and spreads them evenly, this makes the saddle super comfortable. Completely handmade in Germany.