Leichtes Stück

Aluminum in light form

from 155 gramm

Leichtes Stück

Special cutouts for even lower weight.

The inspiration for our „Leichtes Stück“ is always encountered in everyday life, for example in the form of half-timbered houses, tower cranes and bridge structures.

The construction of the tower crane is the most impressive. A narrow crane tower with a relatively long, overhanging boom.Who was not impressed, as a child, that the crane would not collapse or fall? This design is made possible, among other things, by a special arrangement of the struts.

Tensions in a seat post:

In the driving mode, a seat post is mainly subjected to a bending load which generates tensile and compressive stresses. The framework structure is excellent for this type of load and achieves the same stability with a significantly lower weight.

Machining Process:



On this kind of technique is based our "light piece". The cutouts according to this principle enable us to achieve a weight saving of a full 40 grams, without sacrificing stability. For this, we even accept a 20-minute longer milling time on our 4-axis CNC machine.


Specs Leichtes Stück

Manufacturing process CNC-milled / CNC-turned, anodized, laser-inscribed
Material tube aluminum 7075
Material of rocker Aluminum 7075
Material claws aluminum 7075
Material beam aluminum 7075
Material Screws Titanium TiAl6V4
Length 340 mm / 420 mm
Minimum insertion depth approx. 9 cm must be inserted at least in the frame
Diameter 27.2 mm
Length in mm 340/420
Mass -
27.2 x 340 mm 155 g
27.2 x 420 mm 172 g
Max rider weight 100 kg
Road 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 60
Enduro 60
Downhill 20
Freeride 20
Leichtes Stück

Our Leichtes Stück is a further development of the Starkes Stück: just as stable but still lighter – and optically an absolute highlight!