!!New!! MAG150 Ceramicspeed

Unlimited use with minimum weight

160 gramm

!!New!! MAG150 Ceramicspeed Hubs

German engineering and craftsmanship!



  • Much faster at the same power, thanks to greatly reduced friction
  • Low maintenance, and 5 times longer life than steel bearings
  • Higher rigidity
  • Hand assembled
  • Best materials paired with the latest technologies
  • up to 11% lighter than classic bearings

4-year warranty on standard, and 6-year guarantee on coated products.

Conclusion: For those who like to push the limit past 100%

Specs !!New!! MAG150 Ceramicspeed

Material carbon, titan, aluminium
Width of axis 130mm (RB), 135mm (MTB)
Diameter of axis 17mm
Number of holes 20, 24, 28, 32
Bearing 4 Ceramicspeed beairings
Colours all Tune anodically oxidized shades
Freewheel Bodys Shimano/SRAM (8-, 9-, 10-, 11-speed), Campagnolo, SRAM XD
!!New!! MAG150 Ceramicspeed

The MAG 150 from Tune allows you unlimited possibilities of use, with the least weight. It is stored 4 times, 8 times sealed.