tune - Skyracer redefines limits!

69 gramm


tune – Skyracer redefines limits.…

Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility. Limits of speed. Limits of durability. Limits of research.

Safety: No material fatigue. Even after 200,000 test cycles. 3-4x higher impact resistance. Meets the safety requirements of ISO 4210-9 even at its svelte 69 grams (for the record, that’s about 23 cubes of sugar). Made from a 5 times as expensive, aviation proven and carbon reinforced material.
Stability: No adhesive bonding. No weaknesses. 10x stronger than comparable models using. Formed in a single piece. Manufactured at 400 degrees and 300 bars using an unprecedented manufacturing process. This makes the saddle .
Compatibility: It can be used on all seatposts. The „Forged Carbon“ Skyracer does not require oversize clamping.
Speed: No more pressure on the perineal region. No slipping. You can focus on your ride. The saddle offers two seating positions, each with two cambers prevents slipping.
Durability: Fully recycled up to 5x. Protects the environment and think to tomorrow
Research: 5 years of development. Investment of 2.5 million.
The icing on the cake: To personalise the saddle. The colour of the nose-piece can be selected from all the available tune colours.

When will you redefine your limits and become a Skyracer?

Specs !!New!! SKYRACER

Saddle frame and rails ONE piece of carbon
Rail Diameters 7 mm
Padding not necessary!
Field of application Road and MTB
Width 130 mm
Length 230 mm
Max. rider weight 100 kg
Colour black, red, green, blue, orange, yellow
Road 100
Cyclocross/Gravel 100
Marathon 100
XC 100

Skyracer redefines limits: Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility. Limits of seed. Limits of durability. Limits of research.