Nipple-Shuffler Tools

The Nipple-Shuffler is the ideal tool for wheel builders. It also bother you to fish every single nipple out of the bowl with oil-smeared hands. To put it on some, perhaps self-adapted, tool, in the hope that he does not immediately fall down again.

Do you ever say that the nipple is right in the thread at the first attempt, because you do not feel like fooling it from the rim. And you often ask yourself why there are no alternatives. Then rub your hands three times and say „Yes, Baby“ because we offer you exclusively the ultimate relief. The professional tool set „Wheel-fanatyk-nipple-Shuffler and the pin-use-nipple-insert“ .Special designed to your needs.

Directly from the USA, from the wheel building kings wheelfanatyk.

We are Germany’s only sales partner and look forward to offering you this ultimate set.

Convince yourself. (And use your time in the future, for the important things.)



Das ultimative Tool für Laufradbauer, der Nipple-Shuffler.

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