Princess / Prince Skyline Centerlock „More direct, stiffer, more durable“

What do Tune and Hubs have in common? An association of almost 3 decades.

We really know what we’re talking about, and 30 years of experience speaks for itself.

Our ‘royal couple’ is already known far beyond the country’s borders.

Princess / Prince skyline are the answer to all straightpull spokes.

Straightpull spokes are straight and ‘un-bent’. As a result, our Princess / Prince Skyline hubs do not require j-bend spokes. What good is that? 3 special features;

1) High agility and reactivity when riding, as no power is wasted. The drive and braking forces, and all torque is transmitted via the spokes directly into the hub body. The wheel responds immediately.

2) Higher rigidity.

3) Longer life.

There is no weak point on the spoke, and no weak point on the hub flanges. In addition, the right flange is laminated with carbon. This saves weight and increases the tensile strength of the flanges.

And because we only want the best for you, we have spruced up the Princess / Prince skyline with Centerlock.

So now you can enjoy the Princess / Prince Skyline hubs with all the benefits of Centerlock.

Such as:

  • Lighter hub (about 6g compared to IS standard)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Always perfectly centered brake disc
  • 6 – hole compatible (adapter not included)
  • Easy cleaning and more attractive transition.
  • More pleasing aesthetic between the hub and the disc


For our hubs we only use standard bearings adjusted for our necessities. This means our bearings have the same width and diameter measurements as standard high precision deep groove ball bearings. Whereas the insides are especially tuned for us. For example, we use a special bearing grease whereby the friction can be reduced, and the lifespan extended. The inside bearing of the freewheel body creates a specialty. The characteristics were individually adapted for the high load experienced by the bearing. To ensure best performance we also adjusted the bearing play exactly for our hubs. Advantage: Standard bearings can be used temporarily, if tune TUNE bearings are not available.

Tune Nabe Querschnitt Lager



Body aluminium 7075 / Carbon
Holes 24
Hub spacing 100 mm
Clamping method quickrelease, 12mm thru-axle, 15 mm thru-axle
Hole Ø (l/r) 51,6 mm / 28,2 mm
Flange distance (l/r) 33 mm/22,6 mm
Road 100
Cyclocross/Gravel 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 60

Our Princess Skyline Centerlock* front hub get build up only with straight pull spokes. A damn light part of finest milling technology!

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tune hubs are very light and robust