Rechts- & Linksträger

Safe hold even in the toughest use

21 gramm

Rechts- & Linksträger Bottle Holders & BottlesEquipment

The solution for Fullys and small frame triangles. Herewith you do not have any problems to place your bottle. Whether right- or left hander, there is for everyone the perfect ergonomic solution.

Please consider: Depending on the location of installation the right carrier has to be ordered. Example: when mounting at the seattube you need a Linksträger (open on the left) for use from the right side.

Rechts- & Linksträger

The Spanish mountain bike magazine Mountainbiker tested our Rechts- & Linksträger bottle cage. The magazine publishes a positive resume for the only 21g light bottle cage for small frames and fullys.

Specs Rechts- & Linksträger

Material carbon / aluminum (screw and support plate)
Bottles 750 ml / 500 ml
Weight 21 g
Road 100
Marathon 100
AllMountain 74
Enduro 70
Downhill 16
Rechts- & Linksträger

The bottle holders"Rechts- & Linksträger" by tune are the perfect ergonomic solution for everyone.

tune Bottle Holders & BottlesEquipment

"Little cattle also do manure" - with inconspicuous accessories, amazing weight can be saved. Often it is just these little things that differentiate your wheel from the rest of the mass.