Rim Tape

different widths available

from 5 gramm

Rim Tape Equipment

Our rim tape is produced with a natural adhesive mass. They are available in different sizes for perfect coverage regardless which wheels you have.

With extreme tear strength (at reasonable stretch). Most products on the market have a much lower stretch capacity, which results in a tape that doesn’t fit well to the wheel.

Our rim base is resistant to heat and cold, resistant to abrasion and has a very high adhesion capacity. It removes easily with no residues.

Specs Rim Tape

widths --
18 mm e.g. Schwarzbrenner 38C, Schwarzbrenner 60C, Tune 25C, TSR Cross
20 mm e.g. z.B. Airways, TSR22, TSR35
22 mm e.g. NoTubes ZTR Olympic, Podium, Alpine, Iron Cross, Crest, Arch, Arch EX, 355, Alpha340 (3 layers), Tune 3.C 650B, Xentis 29er, Tune Dreckschleuder
24 mm e.g.. ZTR Flow, Xentis 650B
26 mm e.g. NoTubes ZTR Flow EX, Xentis 650B, AX-Lightness 29er, AX-Lightness 650B, Black Burner XC, Black Burner Skyline
28 mm e.g. Ryde Trace Enduro, AX-Lightness 29er, AX-Lightness 650B
30 mm e.g. Black Burner AM/Enduro 29" und 650B, Flow MK3
length 11 m (about 5 29er/28" wheels) or 66 m (about 30 29er/28" wheels)
colour yellow with black Tune Logo
weightca. 5-7g per rim
Rim Tape

The rim tape of tune accessories has a high tear strength with relatively low elongation, is heat, cold and abrasion resistant.

tune Equipment

"Little cattle also do manure" - with inconspicuous accessories, amazing weight can be saved. Often it is just these little things that differentiate your wheel from the rest of the mass.