Skyliner Disc

Some speak of a world record, we speak of a reasonable weight!

1.200 gramm

Skyliner Disc SkylineWheels

Some speak about world records, we speek about a low weight! …at the end we all want the same, a low weight wheelset. Our Skyliner Disc is so light, one tends to get addicted to the acceleration.


We use standard bearings. This means you can also buy bearings in Australia if you need to. Ours are just a little special, with two main differences:

  • Our bearings have a higher fat filling grade. 30% is standard, whilst ours are filled to 50%. This not only prolongs their life, but also provides a better seal.
  • Standard bearings have variations in play from their production.
Tune bearings have the play specially determined dependent on their use. One single Tune bearing is not standard – the bearing in the free-wheel body on the left. It is constructed specifically to withstand high forces and last extra long.

Sapim CX-Ray

The SAPIM CX-Super Spoke are lightest steel spoke ever made. The SAPIM CX-Super Spoke has been developed for extra light wheels. A new grade of stainless steel enables SAPIM to reduce the diameter of the spoke, whilst increasing its strength and fatigue resistance. Effectively, the SAPIM CX-Super is 17% lighter than the SAPIM CX-Ray and its strength is increased by 120N in the middle section versus that of the SAPIM CX-Ray.

Carbon wrapping

The spoke crossings are wrapped with Carbon fibre, which gets strengthened with resin. This increases the wheel quality. The result is that the spoke construction becomes more stable, several components are connected to one stiff, long lasting unit. The increased stiffness leads to a more direct reaction when riding out of the saddle and enables precise steering. In the case of an overload, e.g. by a shock, the most stressed spoke gets released by the spoke it is wrapped with.


Specs Skyliner Disc

Hubs Princess Skyline Straight / Prince Straight
Rims Tune Skyline Road 25C Disc (Clincher)
Hole count 24 / 24
Spokes Sapim CX-Super, black-chrome
Nipple UpSideDown-Nipple
Spoke crossings carbon wrapped
Max. rider weight 90kg
Allround 80
Climbing 100
Race 90
Stiff 60
Weight 100
Skyliner Disc

Skyliner Disc from tune are a fantastic wheel set with addiction character in terms of acceleration!

Rims Skyliner Disc

Internal width 17.0 mm
External width 24.6 mm
Wheel height 25.0 mm
Rim width 16 mm
Air pressure 21 mm 9.5 bar / 136 psi
22 mm 9.0 bar / 130 psi
23 mm 9.0 bar / 130 psi
25 mm 7.5 bar / 116 psi
Tire width min. 21 mm / max. 25 mm
ERD 594 mm
Wheel Weight (± 5%) 330g