Titan-Schrauben M5 x 9,7

e.g. For brake disc mounting

7,5 gramm

Titan-Schrauben M5 x 9,7 Equipment

Our disc brake screw set is made out of high-quality titanium, and saves about 10grams per wheelset, compared to heavy steel bolts. Due to the high tensile strength titanium offers, it’s an ideal candidate for security as well as weight saving.

Specs Titan-Schrauben M5 x 9,7

Material Titanium TiAl6V4
Amount 6 pieces (1 set)
Size M5 x 9.7 mm
Screw head Torx T25
Color Titanium natural
Weight 7,5g
Road 100
Marathon 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100
Freeride 100
Titan-Schrauben M5 x 9,7

Tune bolts for the brake disc mounting made of high-quality titanium helfem while saving the last gram.

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"Little cattle also do manure" - with inconspicuous accessories, amazing weight can be saved. Often it is just these little things that differentiate your wheel from the rest of the mass.