Tune Tool 08

For assembly and disassembly of our hubs

Tune Tool 08 Tools


The Tune Tool 08 is a professional tool set for our hubs. With this set all tune hubs can be disassembled, converted, maintained and reassembled.

Your hub has clearance? No problem. With the Tune Tool 08 you can get rid of it.

Your wheel is running bad and you want to replace the ball bearings! This set with help you to.

For a professional and effortless service on our tune hubs, the Tune Tool 08 should not be missing in any workshop. Our hubs will love you for it!

Cannonball 2.0 mounting and adjustment mit TT 08:

Specs Tune Tool 08

Compatibility tune hubs
Function disassembly and assembly of hubs for cleaning and maintenance
Material aluminum
Delivery TT08.1-18, 18 pieces
.1 basis tool
.2-.4 axle driver
.7-.9 adaptaters for basic tool
.11-.17 ball bearing assembly stampers
.18 and .20 Support Tool
.19 Stick for dropouts removal
.21 cannonball ball bearing expeller
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Tune Tool 08

With the Tune Tool 08, all Tune hubs, for maintenance, cleaning and adjustment can be completely disassembled and assembled.

Download Tune Tool 08

Tune Tool 08 (50.51 KB)