Turnstange Flatbar

Safe handle bar!

115 gramm

Turnstange Flatbar

... in combination with our stem Geiles Teil 4.0 an unbeatable combination!


The high bar for trail acrobats. Apart from the name it has nothing in common with the leader out ouf steel. Indeed, you can do a swingup but you will land only on the saddle. There you do not have to be afraid of nothing: it bears Race, All Mountain and locking grips easily. Made by Tune, it fits perfectly together with our stem. In combination together with our Steam Geiles Teil 4.0 an unbeatable combination!

The Tune Turnstange Flatbar is available with an Backsweep of 6,5° or 12°.


To guarantee your safety, the EFBe TRI Test has been underwent in addtion to EN-Norm.

Due to the strengthened construction the use of locking grips is possible. The 750mm wide handlebar might be shortened up to maximal 50mm per side ( until 650mm overall width).




Backsweep Backsweep: Bending of the handlebar towards the rider.
Upsweep: Upsweep Upwards bending of the handlebar
Rise Rise: Rise of the handlebar compared to the clamping area (stem).

    Further bike specific terms can be found in the Tune Lexicon: Tunepedia.       turnstange_katalog  


Specs Turnstange Flatbar

Material carbon / UD-Finish
Width (inside-outside)750mm
Backsweep 6,5° or 12°
Rise0 mm
Max. biker weight110kg
Weight115g (+-5g)
Hint not siutable for Downhill
Road 1
Marathon 100
AllMountain 70
Enduro 55
Downhill 1
Turnstange Flatbar

Made by Tune, the Turnstange Flatbar fits perfectly to our stem. With the stem Geiles part 4.0 the handlebar is an unbeatable combination!

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