Salt and peppers from tune

220 gramm

Würzburg Goodies

Spice up your life!

Ants in your pants? Salt in the wound? Or maybe better for pasta seasoning?

Either way, our salt and pepper shakers are of course available in all tune colours. An obviously we had a look on the scale while designing the shakers: Only 220g for the pair, without content naturally.


Now also separately available, but hurry up! Only limited numbers in stock!


Specs Würzburg

Material aluminium & polymer
Colours in all tune colours
Weight 220 g the pair
available individually

There is no way to season your pasta mountains more in style than with our Würzburg salt and pepper shaker. Both shakers are made out the hub body of our finest hubs with a labelled lid.

tune Goodies

Tune Goodies are a must for light-weight construction enthusiasts, they are not only light but also look good.