Big Brother of Turnstange

200 gramm


Wunderbar is the big brother of the Turnstange. The Wunderbar features a 35 mm oversize handlebar clamp and is with 800 mm considerably wider than the Turnstange. To whom that is too much, it can be shortend to 700 mm. Wunderbar is made for AllMountain- and Enduro use. The handlebarends are reinforced, application of lock on grips is possible.


Backsweep Backsweep: Bending of the handlebar towards the rider.   Upsweep Upsweep: Upwards bending of the handlebar   Rise Rise: Rise of the handlebar compared to the clamping area (stem).     Further bike specific terms can be found in the Tune Lexicon: Tunepedia.


Specs Wunderbar

Diameter 35.0 mm
Backsweep 9 °
Upsweep 5 °
Rise 25mm
Width 800mm
Max. Driver weight 110 kg
Weight 200g
Road 1
Marathon 75
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 75

The wonderful handlebars of tune: an Oversize handlebar clamp of 35mmr and is with 800mm much wider than the turn bar.

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