... with 37g is certainly one of the lightest available thru-axles.

37 gramm

DC12 AxlesThru-Axles

Tune quick release - a class in itself. Super-light yet very high clamping force

The DC12 Thru-Axle

…with only 37g the DC12 belongs to the lightest available Thru-Axles on the market. Nonetheless the Thru-Axle does not underlies any weight limits and is usable without concerns.

Thru-Axles help stabilising the fork, the stiffer connection between hub and fork reduces twisting. With a Thru-Axle the wheel always sits perfect. Using a Quickrelease it can happen that the brake rubs, after removing and mounting the wheel.

We at TUNE are the first, who took up the thematic „weight optimizing at Thru-Axles“ successfully.

Like at our Quickreleases we use a excentric principle. In the excenter-seat, a kind of „pan“, a ball with a mounted carbon lever is embedded, which the axlehead is mounted excentric. The Thru-Axle can be opend and closed with the carbon lever.

Greases are regularly sticky and tend to collect dirt. TUNE uses therefore a special new developed and patented dry grease. Every open and moving part is treated with it. A molybdenum disulfide contaning grease (similar to graphite) gets bound to a varnish. After a muddy ride the spanner should not get greased, like a bike chain, it only has to be cleaned, if wanted…

The special varnish used not only provides a permanent greasing, it also enables the alignment of the lever, also in closed position. Over the time, where you had to fix the Thru-Axle complicate. The DC12 can be closed comfortably and turned into position when closed.

TUNE Thru-Axle DC12 – Superlight and nonetheless high clamping force, a unique optic, many colours. Extremely slim and secure, no sharp edges, no danger.

Folgende Infos bitte beim DC12 Steckachsspanner beachten:

Please consider following informations: Wich DC12-System do you need? Syntace X12 or Shimano E-Thru? 1.Is the DC12 for the Syntace X12 no further informations are needed, the thread (M12x1) fits into every frame. The Syntace X12 system can be recognized by the cone formedshape on the lever side. Most of the Syntace X12 frames are labelled. 2. Is the DC12 for Shimano E-Thru a Adapter can be needed for the right side (thread side). The Shimano E-Thru has a plane seating on the lever side. The thread can be directly in the fream (e.g. Scott) or in a adapter that gets mounted into the frame. We currently offer four adapters for that case (see chart).   We try to cover every system and frame, a demand for complete compatibility can not be made, as many adapters are on the market. Even different adapters from one frame manufacturer.  

DC12 Giant Bicycles

At the moment we do not offer a suitable Thru-Axle for Giant Bikes. Giant Bicycle uses an E-Thru-Axle (M12x1.5). So far we offer X-12 (M12x1) and RearMaxle (M12x1.75). Mounting the DC12 E-Thru is only possible if the thread is not integrated directly in the dropouts of the frame but in an exchangeable adapter (we offer different types with M12x1 thread). 12 mm Thru-Axles are a tiresome topic, as each producer uses different threads, some are supplied with suitable axles by large manufacturers (in this case it is Giant from DT-Swiss). We know of the issue and will react in the future if demand increases.


It is noted that the present product (wheel clamping assembly DC12) is not intended for import into the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man Import is subject to a license agreement between tune GmbH and the proprietor of an industrial property right being valid in the UK (Patent GB 2414971 (B)). Accordingly, only such goods which have been manufactured by tune GmbH and imported into the UK by the sole authorized importer (currently Poshbikes UK) are allowed for such import. Each other import of the product, regardless of to retailers or to end customers, is NOT covered by the agreement, and can result in claims for damages by the aforementioned licensor. Thus, solely the unauthorized importer is liable for any violation of the mentioned agreement, and in particular, for the unauthorized import into the United Kingdom.


Specs DC12

Excenter and bold aluminium
Axle aluminium
Lever Carbon
Manufacturing mehtod cnc-machined
Function principle excentric lever
System Syntace X-12 / Shimano E-Tru Standard
Road 100
Cyclocross/Gravel 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100

The DC12 axle is certainly one of the lightest thur axle quick releases avaliable.