Milling art from the Black Forest

4,9 gramm

Tune-Cap Equipment

Probably one of the most exclusive ahead-caps

A ahead-cap probably does not belongs to the most exciting bike parts, but we don’t think so. We have invested a lot of brainpower and technology into that small piece.

Naturally we wanted a very light product and test the boundaries of the possible, but we also wanted a product that could be recognized by non engineer as a high-end milling part. After our success with the „Leichtes Stück“ seatpost we wanted to continue the fine milling works with this part. The result can be shown, a unique and exclusive product came out. The asymmetric and modern design has unmissable similarities with our seatpost. The complex milling works reach the boundaries possible, the wall thickness is partially smaller than 1 mm. The forces are distributed by a special aircraft aluminum and „branches“. Thanks to his technology the Tune-Cap has excellent strength properties.

With the unbelievable 4,9 gram the Tune-Cap of course belongs to the lightest aluminum ahead-caps on the market. The Tune-Cap is available in all Tune anodized colours.


Specs Tune-Cap

Weight 4,9 g
Colours all Tune anodized colours
Material aluminium
Finish anodized
Manufacturing process CNC-milled
Content of delivery Tune-Cap and bolt
Road 100
Cyclocross/Gravel 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100
Freeride 100

NEW!!! The Tune-Cap. A unique milled ahead-cap. Made in a complex milling process for a exclusive look, high strength and low weight.

tune Equipment

"Little cattle also do manure" - with inconspicuous accessories, amazing weight can be saved. Often it is just these little things that differentiate your wheel from the rest of the mass.