"Prevent the Worst"

3 gramm


But what is the worst for us? Unnecessary weight certainly.

Why always carry the adjustment mechanism along, when you never need it on the road? Even its only 7 gram like with our GumGum: remove it!

The view into the open steering tube is not everyone’s thing. And here our Verhüterli enters the game. The pleasure for the eye weights only 3 gram. Made for road bikes with a inner steering tube diameter of 3 mm.

(„Verhüterli“ is a German word for a condom.)



Specs Verhüterli

Head Tube 1 1/8°
Innder Diameter Steering Tube 23,50 - 23,95 mm
Material carbon
Finish UD-Carbon
Terrain only Road Bike!

Tune’s "Verhüterli" makes his name worthwhile and ensures safe use of a carbon fork. Reusability of fork secured.