Porteur GoPro Adapter

Porteur GoPro Adapter Equipment

Adaptation kit for your Porteur!

You can now extend the functionalies of your Porteur by fixing a camera or lamp on it.

The GoPro adapter is set under the Porteur.

The Porteur GoPro Adapter is supplied with its screws and nuts. Plesase notice that you can not simultaneously mount the GoPro adapter and an eventual DI2 Box.

When mounting your lamp, make sure that the supplier allows mounting „upside down“.

Compatible lamps:

  • Supernova Mini2 with GoPro adapter from Supernova (tested)
  • Busch & Müller IQ-X with GoPro adapter from Supernova (tested)
  • SON Edelux II (Version for upside down mounting)
  • Lupine with GoPro adapter from Lupine
  • Any other supplier of GoPro compatible lamps

GoPro update Kit for your Porteur: Installation video


Specs Porteur GoPro Adapter

Material plastic
Delivery content GoPro adapter for Tune Porteur; bolts and nuts for assembly
Compatibilty cameras with GoPro mount; lamps from many manufacturers (Supernova, Busch & Müller, Lupine,...), ...
Weight 15 g
Porteur GoPro Adapter

Der GoPro Adapter trägt eine Kamera oder Beleuchtung sicher an der Unterseite unseres Porteurs.

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