Spurtreu….for a quick fitting

161 gramm

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Wolfang Heers invention can be put on the stem easily and the laser pointer of the Spurtreu shows you where to go.

Who hasn’t had this problem…

You mount your handlebar/stem, and it LOOKS straight. But inevitably, once you start riding you realize it’s not, and you need to stop and make micro adjustments. With the Spurtreu, this will be a thing of the past, get perfect alignment every time.

A faithful Tune advocate gave us the idea for this, Wolfgang Heers’ invention is placed on the stem, and the laser pointer allows dead straight alignment.

New Version

The Spurtreu has already aided many people, however the base plate was not compatible with some super short or super wide enduro stems. We’ve now revised that to make it fit, and to bring Spurtreu to almost all enduro stems. Additionally, a better quality, and more powerful laser replaces the older model, so that calibration is now easier.

Our Spurtreu got tested by the Danish magazine Life Behind Bars.

The article with plenty excellent pictures can be found here in Dutch or here in English (thanks to Google Translate).


Specs Spurtreu

Information carrier plate, CNC-milled, aluminum, incl. Laser pointer
Road 100
Marathon 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100

With the Tune Tool Spurtreu the exact alignment of the handlebar and the stem with respect to the front wheel is possible and thus a perfect straight run is adjustable.

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