For a perfectly prepared espresso

340 gramm

Stampfer Goodies

The whirring of hubs which makes your head spin trying to catch a glimpse of the biker who just went by. The aroma of a perfectly prepared Espresso of the highest quality. Those who have a passion for biking, are often equally as passionate about a good coffee. Tune’s got you covered, with components for both obsessions.

The hub body is the centre point of our wheels, and serves as reminiscence for our “Edelstampfer, harkening after our original MAG150. The cap is made out of Carbon Fibre, and goes hand in hand with our finest aluminium screws used in our GumGum expander. Our high quality flat ground plate is stainless steel, and gives the tamper a reassuring weight and durability. The plate diameter is 58mm, ensuring no coffee grounds escape compression at the edge of the rim, and constant pressure is maintained through the coffee.

Specs Stampfer

Handle Mag150 hub body, anodised aluminum
Cover Carbon, UD-finish incl. Tune logo
Basal plate stainless steel, diameter 58 mm, flat
Weight 340 g

Stampfer of tune with original Mag150 hub body wrapped by carbon in which no coffee flour "unpressed" remains.

tune Goodies

Tune Goodies are a must for light-weight construction enthusiasts, they are not only light but also look good.