KINGkong Centerlock

KINGkong Centerlock Hubs

No Ernie without Bert, no Fix without Foxi, and of course no King without Kong!

We mill, laser and produce all our hubs Buggingen, Germany. We also take apart your hub apart if you once should need a replacement part. Every spare part is available! But this scenario is pretty unlikely: we use the most durable hubs we know of and a strong 17 millimetre axle. The KINGkong Centerlock* in combination with our KONG Centerlock* present a unbeatable pair of hubs.

Unique construction: no bearing misalignments or tightening even under highest clamping force thanks to adjustable bearing play. Solid, uncomplicated, quality materials and precision bearings. Flawless processing and longlasting even under the most adverse conditions.

Tune uses special bearings which are like that not available on the market! The bearings identify themselves through a special grease and a higher filling degree. Besides o fit they are double abradant sealed and maintenance free.

Our first Centerlock* hub. Easy and quick brake disc assembly with a shapely and easy to clean transition from brake disc to hub.

Available in all TUNE anodized colours and white!

For 12mm thru-axles. Perfect for disc road bikes and graves bikes!

Due to local production spare part service guaranteed upto the smallest bolt.

*Centerlock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano.

Specs KINGkong Centerlock

Material Aluminium 7075
Manufacturing method CNC-milled, one piece body
Holes 24
Hub spacing 100 mm
Bearings 2 industrial bearings
Clamping method 12mm Thru-Axle
KINGkong Centerlock

Our loved KINGkong hub with Centerlock* brake disc mount. Perfect for disc road bikes, mtb and gravelbikes!

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