!!New!! PRINCESS SKYLINE Ceramicspeed

improved stiffness, responsiveness and durability

89 gramm

!!New!! PRINCESS SKYLINE Ceramicspeed Hubs


  • Much faster at the same power, thanks to greatly reduced friction
  • Low maintenance, and 5 times longer life than steel bearings
  • Higher rigidity
  • Hand assembled
  • Best materials paired with the latest technologies
  • up to 11% lighter than classic bearings

4-year warranty on standard, and 6-year guarantee on coated products.

Conclusion: For those who like to push the limit past 100%

Specs !!New!! PRINCESS SKYLINE Ceramicspeed

Body aluminium 7075 / Carbon
Holes 24, 28, 32
Hub spacing 100 mm
Clamping method quickrelease, 12mm thru-axle, 15 mm thru-axle
Hole Ø (l/r) 51,6 mm / 28,2 mm
Flange distance (l/r) 21,8/ 32,4
Road 100
Cyclocross/Gravel 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 60
!!New!! PRINCESS SKYLINE Ceramicspeed

Our Princess Skyline front hub get build up only with straight pull spokes. A damn light part of finest milling technology!

tune Hubs

tune hubs are very light and robust