Princess Skyline

improved stiffness, responsiveness and durability

84 gramm

Princess Skyline Hubs

The new Princess Skyline gets build up together with exclusively straight pull spokes. This enables an appropriate load for the material involved and a direct application of the braking force. A damned light piece of finest milling technology! The new Straight hubs sound the bell for a new generation in our hub family.


For our hubs we only use standard bearings adjusted for our necessities. This means our bearings have the same width and diameter measurements as standard high precision deep groove ball bearings. Whereas the insides are especially tuned for us. For example, we use a special bearing grease whereby the friction can be reduced, and the lifespan extended. The inside bearing of the freewheel body creates a specialty. The characteristics were individually adapted for the high load experienced by the bearing. To ensure best performance we also adjusted the bearing play exactly for our hubs. Advantage: Standard bearings can be used temporarily, if tune TUNE bearings are not available.

Tune Nabe Querschnitt Lager


Specs Princess Skyline

Material aluminium/ carbon
Available hole drilling 24, 28, 32
Hole circle diameter 51,6 mm / 28,2 mm (left/ right)
Flange distance from rim center 21,8/ 32,4 (left/ right)
Hub spacing 100 mm
Clamping method Quickrelease ,12mm Thru-Axle or or 15mm Thru-Axle
Road 100
Marathon 100
AllMountain 60
Enduro 25
Downhill 5
Princess Skyline

Tune hubs: Princess Skyline is constructed exclusively with unbentled spokes. A damn light piece of fine milling technology!