The lightest hub

46 gramm

MIG45 Hubs

"Tuning Guru Uli Fahl has not the wheel, but at least the front hub reinvented"

Unsere MIG45 ist die Ameise unter den Naben: unschlagbar leicht, erstaunlich stark. Mit 46 Gramm trägt sie jedes Fahrergewicht. Weil unsere erfahrenen Mechaniker vom Alukörper bis zur Karbonachse alles per Hand im Schwarzwald fräsen, laminieren und montieren. Ob Mountainbike oder Rennrad, Cross-Country-Rennen oder Windkanal: Die Mig 45 ist mit der Hinterradnabe Mag 150 Grundlage für federleichte und aerodynamische Laufräder. Wir bieten Dir vollen Ersatzteilservice, so dass Mig 45 diverse Felgen überleben dürfte.



For our hubs we only use standard bearings adjusted for our necessities. This means our bearings have the same width and diameter measurements as standard high precision deep groove ball bearings. Whereas the insides are especially tuned for us. For example, we use a special bearing grease whereby the friction can be reduced, and the lifespan extended. The inside bearing of the freewheel body creates a specialty. The characteristics were individually adapted for the high load experienced by the bearing. To ensure best performance we also adjusted the bearing play exactly for our hubs. Advantage: Standard bearings can be used temporarily, if tune TUNE bearings are not available.

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Specs MIG45

Material aluminium, CNC- milled
Width of axis 100mm
Diameter of axis 15mm
Number of holes 20, 24
Bearing 2 grooved-ball bearing
Lacing only for straight spokes
Weight 46g
Road 100
Climbing 100
Race 100
Weight 100

The MIG45 from Tune convinces with weight, stability and also makes a good figure in the wind tunnel. With 46 grams she carries every riders weight.