Rear wheel hub with 148mm mounting width

214 gramm


Runs ... and runs ... and runs ... and runs ... and runs ...

The KINGkong Boost front hub with 110mm hub spacing and Kong Boost rear hub with 148mm hub spacing differs in some fundamental points from the hubs with 100mm and 135/ 142mm hub spacing. When X-12 rear stays were introduced only the hub spacing was increased, the geometry of the hub (flange distance and bearing support points) stayed uninfluenced. The Boost standard allows a complete adaptation of the hubs with wider hub body’s and axles. A conversion of current hubs to the Boost standard is therefore not possible. However, the new standard offers some advantages:

  • The flange distance increases for both hubs. Thereby stiffer wheelsets can be build, especially noticeable for 29er. One point of critics for bigger wheels was the poor stiffens. By the bigger hub spacing of the Boost standard it is possible to realise 29er wheels that are on a level field with 26″ wheels!
  • The bearing support points can be wider and therefore be constructed stiffer and more stable.

Certainly the topic weight plays a big role in our development, here the King Boost & Kong Boost only bring 121g & 214g on to the scale!

Kong boost for Evo6

Syntace EVO6

The Syntace Evo6 standard bases, as the Boost standard, on 148 mm hub spacing. The Evo6 technology uses an asymmetrical rear end. The right sided flange and cassette move 6 mm outwards. Compared to 142 mm the left flange remains in position. With Boost the hub size got increases by 3 mm in both directions.

The hub itself is therefore a “normal” Kong Boost. Please mention that the wheel is used in a Evo6 frame when ordering. The wheel will be centered 3 mm towards the left.

It sounds strange but it is true 😉



For our hubs we only use standard bearings adjusted for our necessities. This means our bearings have the same width and diameter measurements as standard high precision deep groove ball bearings. Whereas the insides are especially tuned for us. For example, we use a special bearing grease whereby the friction can be reduced, and the lifespan extended. The inside bearing of the freewheel body creates a specialty. The characteristics were individually adapted for the high load experienced by the bearing. To ensure best performance we also adjusted the bearing play exactly for our hubs. Advantage: Standard bearings can be used temporarily, if tune TUNE bearings are not available.

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Body & freewheel aluminium
Axlealuminium, Ø 17 mm
Pawl & Toothing titanium TiAI6V4
Production methods CNC -machined one-piece body and freewheel body, anodized and lasered
Number of holes 28 / 32
Brake disc support IS 2000
Hub spacing 148 mm
Bearing4 deep-groove ball bearings- 3 x 61803, 1 x 61903
Sealing double contact seals
Clamping method Thru-axle
Hole Ø 55,5 mm
Flange distance (l/r) 36,3 mm / 24,1 mm
Freewheel 11-speed Shimano/ SRAM, 10-speed Shimano/ SRAM, XD SRAM, Campagnolo
Road 5
Marathon 80
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 180

Special hubs from tune: Kong Boost hub axle hubs allow a complete adjustment of the hubs with wider hub bodies and axles