Alu-cassette sealing ring for Campagnolo and Shimano.

6 gramm



Edelzwicker is the only part for which we explain ourselves. Depending on the design it is weighing among 5g and 6g and does therefore not really save weight towards the best serial exemplars of the gear giants. So, we are not awarded for the bike Nobel Prize in lightweight regarding our Edelzwicker, to say it carefully. Nevertheless we offer it, as we mill it since xx years and we are the ones who have recognized then the lightweight potential of a lock nut.

Specs Edelzwicker

Material aluminum 7075
Manufacturing process CNC milled
Color Black
Campagnolo version 11-speed (from 11 teeth) with Campagnolo 27x1 Cassette termination thread (assembly with Shimano tool)
Version for Shimano 9- / 10-fold (ab 12-teeth) with Shimano cassette termination nut
Weight 5-6 g

The Tune noble knot convinces not with its weight, but with its security and German milling art. Alu-cassette sealing ring for Campagnolo and Shimano.