One Shot Sealant

One shot is enough!

ab 160 gramm

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One Shot – One shot is enough!

Traditionally, either sealants are fast sealing, or have a long reaction time and short storage time. With One Shot, we completely reformulated the compound, it’s now ammonium and latex free for both quick and effective sealing, and a long shelf life.

Ammonia, natural latex and protein free – One Shot Sealant is optimised for use in tubeless road and mountain bike tires to provide a reliable seal and protection against punctures, small cuts and tubeless rim leaks without adverse chemical reactions affecting the tire, tube or rim. One Shot can also be used in all tubes with removable PRESTA valve cores and tubular tires. Effective temperature from minus 10 to 80° Celsius (14 to 176° Fahrenheit), and on average remains effective from 9 to 12 months depending upon local conditions and amount used.

Video Manual for our ONE SHOT Tire Sealant


Tubeless Sealant Comparison

We have compaired the best available tubeless sealants. Each tire was set up with 100 ml sealant and 2 bar tire pressure. Results see table blow: The Result: One Shot beats all!



Specs One Shot Sealant

Material synthetic sealing emulsion
Shelf life at least 12 months
Other 60 ml, 120 ml or 1000 ml
Without Ammonia and latex
Road 100
Marathon 100
XC 100
AllMountain 100
Enduro 100
Downhill 100
One Shot Sealant

Accessories from tune: One Shot Sealant has a formulation without ammonia, latex and other common additives and is long lasting.

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