These products are the boss business

1.290 gramm

Skyline-RR SkylineWheels

For those that want to go all the way!

These products are the boss’s business. With the Skyline edition, Uli Fahl demonstrates what’s possible when you combine only the very finest materials, and the best craftsmanship.

The Skyline range provides a completely new riding sensation, giving you wings in the mountains, and represents the pinnacle of lightweight component engineering.

Succumb to the Tune ‘virus’ and enjoy our legal drugs.


For this wheelset, we used our finest carbon reinforced hub, the MIG 45 and MAG 150. And of course, for the aesthetically conscious, it’s available in all Tune colours.

These are then laced up using Sapim’s “Super Spoke,” and intricate carbon wrapping and bracing that is performed at the crossing points of the spokes further enhances the rigidity of the wheels.

The Tune Skyline TSR rim even allows you to upgrade to tubeless if and when required.

Hand crafted, these beauts come in 1,260g, possibly making them the strongest and lightest aluminium wheelset in the world.

And like the rest of the Tune wheel family, they’re hand-built with a very great deal of precision and care.



d bearings. This means you can also buy bearings in Australia if you need to. Ours are just a little special, with two main differences:

  • Our bearings have a higher fat filling grade. 30% is standard, whilst ours are filled to 50%. This not only prolongs their life, but also provides a better seal.
  • Standard bearings have variations in play from their production.
Tune bearings have the play specially determined dependent on their use. One single Tune bearing is not standard – the bearing in the free-wheel body on the left. It is constructed specifically to withstand high forces and last extra long.

Sapim CX-Ray

Die leichteste Edelstahlspeiche, die jemals konzipiert wurde. Die SAPIM CX-Super Speiche wurde für besonders leichte Laufräder entwickelt. Eine neue Edelstahl-Sorte ermöglicht es Sapim, den Durchmesser der Speiche zu reduzieren und im gleichen Zuge die Festigkeit und Dauerfestigkeit zu erhöhen. Die CX-Super Speiche ist tatsächlich 17% leichter im Gegensatz zur CX-Ray. Ihre Festigkeit hat sich gleichermaßen im mittleren Bereich auf 120N erhöht.

Carbon wrapping

The spoke crossings are wrapped with Carbon fibre, which gets strengthened with resin. This increases the wheel quality. The result is that the spoke construction becomes more stable, several components are connected to one stiff, long lasting unit. The increased stiffness leads to a more direct reaction when riding out of the saddle and enables precise steering. In the case of an overload, e.g. by a shock, the most stressed spoke gets released by the spoke it is wrapped with.


Specs Skyline-RR

Hubs MIG 45 / MAG 150
Rim Tune Skyline TSR ( clincher)
Holes 24 / 28
Spokes SAPIM CX-Super, black-chrome
Nipple Sapim, anodized aluminium, all Tune colours
Lacing front radial, rear left radial, rear right 2-cross
Spoke Crossings carbon wrapped
max. Rider weight 85kg
Road 100
Allround 1400
Climbing 60
Race 50
Stiff 70
Weight 60

Our skyline-RR is, as a matter of course, all TUNE-wheels, built by hand and centered. The "Créme de la Créme" of lightweight construction.

Rims Skyline-RR

Inner width 19 mm
Outer width 24 mm
Hight 22 mm
ERD 595
Weight 445 g
Tire width 23-42 mm
Max. tire pressure 10 bar / 145 psi
Brake pads SwissStop FLASH PRO BXP
tune SkylineWheels

The tuning of running wheels has the most noticeable effect when it comes to weight savings. All the wheels are hand-fed, pressed and perfectly centered. Our bikes stand for the highest quality and have proven themselves over millions of kilometers.