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/ Komm-Vor+ Brogue


The first-class posh model of our well-proven Komm-Vor saddle is completely handmade in Germany and upholstered with elaborately perforated leather in the style of classical brogue shoes.

Technical data

Saddle frame and rails carbon
Saddle top carbon with leather coating
Rail Diameters 8 x 10 mm
Field of application only Road
Width 130 mm
Length 265 mm
Max. rider weight 90 kg
Colour black, red-black, black-red


Komm-Vor+ Brogue

Recently unveiled to the public at the Berliner Fahrradschau – our most exclusive saddle ever: The Komm-Vor Brogue

Its not just for the Bugatti and Maybach drivers out there, but for everyone with an appreciation of a little extravagance.?

This decadent model of our proven and respected Komm-Vor saddle is entirely handmade and upholstered in Germany with elaborately perforated leather that echoes the style of a pair of classic brogues.

Now supreme elegance comes with minimal weight


black / red (RAL 9011 / RAL 3003; Pantone Black 6 U / Pantone  704 U)

black (RAL 9011; Pantone  704 U)

red / black (RAL 3003 / Pantone  704 U; RAL 9011 / Pantone Black 6 U)

(The colour that takes up more space is mentioned first.)

All saddle frames of tune saddles are highly oval with comm-before, coming-ahead + with 8x10mm, Speedneedle with 7,5×9,5mm and Skyacer with 7mm. So that there may occasionally be problems with the clamping with lateral clamps. Usually, however, special clamps are offered.



Anleitung/Manual „Komm-Vor / Komm-Vor+„

Download (1.06 MB)

Instruction „Komm-Vor/Komm-Vor+„

Download (383.85 KB)

tune FAQ

Are Tune saddles compatible with my seat-post?

Principally there are no restrictions except that the seat-post producer prohibits the mounting of carbon saddles. The saddle rails of Tune saddles are high-oval, problems may occour with lateral clamp rings. However, special clamping shells are often offered. You can find more information in our product descriptions.

Serial number/ seal sticker tune saddle

Our saddles are subjected to strict quality checks. Once the saddle has passed all the tests, it is marked with our seal. You can only be sure that you have an original tune saddle if it has a seal. If you have a saddle without a seal, it is either older than 2014 or it might be a copy.        

Is there a weight limit for Tune saddles?

For our KOM-VOR (Kom-vor and Kom-vor+) saddles, the weight limit is 90kg. All others are released up to 100 kg.

tune FACTS


Unsere Ansprüche gehen meist über die geltende Norm (ISO 4210) hinaus. Unsere Schwarzwald-Kraftwerke sind der wesentlichste Part um die Betriebsfestigkeit von Naben, Laufrädern, Lenkern, Vorbauten und Sattelstützen zu ermitteln. Zur weitergehenden Beurteilung der Betriebsfestigkeit zählen zusätzliche Kriterien wie Korrosionsfestigkeit, UV-Beständigkeit, außerordentliche Belastungen usw. Und für den Interessierten: Herzstück der Maschinen ist jeweils ein Prozessor, verbunden mit einem pneumatischen System. Die Maschinen sind modular aufgebaut. Entsprechend der Realität ist der Prozessor kraft-und nicht weggesteuert. Er steuert einen pneumatischen Zylinder an, nimmt die Meßwerte einer Kraftmeßdose auf, vergleicht Soll-und Istkraft, verarbeitet sie und überträgt sie per serieller Schnittstelle an einen Computer.


Alcantara ist ein in Italien hergestellter, auf Polyester und Polystyrol basierender Mikrofaserstoff. Es ist besonders weich und anschmiegsam – ähnlich wie Velourleder – und zugleich äusserst strapazierfähig. Deswegen wird es auch gerne als Sitzbezug in Autos mit Lederausstattung verwendet. Vorteile von Alcantara: sehr leicht angenehme Oberflächenbeschaffenheit atmungsaktiv wasser- und schmutzabweisend trocknet extrem schnell knitterresistent und formbeständig reiß- und scheuerfest Rutschfest, gerade beim MTB-Einsatz! pflegeleicht (kleinere Flecken können mit lauwarmem Wasser abgewaschen werden)

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

Delivery time: 3-4 days

Artikel hinzugefügt!

  • Cycle Tech

    Komm-Vor Plus tested at Cycle Tech Review

    Our Komm-Vor Plus saddle has been tested in Australia on the Cycle Tech Review page. Under the question, "The Komm Vor Plus saddle; 79g shiny carbon or comfortable racing saddle?", the saddle is closely examined. Beautiful pictures are also included :)

  • RennRad Magazin

    Komm-Vor Plus wins RACER TIPP in RennRad magazine

    The magazine RennRad tested saddles and for Tune the Komm-Vor Plus went into the race. The saddle could convince and was awarded with the RACER TIPP. Conclusion RennRad: Lightweight yet surprisingly comfortable. Tune does a lot right with the Komm-Vor Plus.

  • Mountainbiker, Guide, Trainer, Traveller Gerhard Czerner

    tune Komm-Vor very Reliable

    Whether in the desert of Oman, on the holy Olympus or on almost 6000 meters at Kilimanjaro, I have never let down a part. Well, I destroyed a few saddles, because I "detached" myself from the bike a bit uncontrolled. But that's also history since I got an extra reinforced one. People often doubt that the parts will last a long time. But they do!

  • Extreme sportsmen Guido Kunze

    Komm-Vor saddle, light yet comfortable.

    "Nobody always believes me and when they sit down on my bike, everyone is amazed how great it is to sit on it. But it's always the 1st reaction when looking at my bike. Everyone thinks that I use the saddle only for a small fast race. When I say that I have set the world altitude record with 100,000 meters in 14 days, I see people rattling in their heads, he exaggerates or the saddle is so awesome."

  • track sprinter and world champion team sprinter, Olympic participant René Enders

    René Enders convinced

    "The Komm-vor Saddle has accompanied me for many years and I am absolutely convinced of him."

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