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Skyracer redefines limits: Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility. Limits of seed. Limits of durability. Limits of research.

Technical data

Saddle frame and rails ONE piece of carbon
Rail Diameters 7 mm
Padding not necessary!
Field of application Road and MTB
Width 130 mm
Length 230 mm
Max. rider weight 100 kg
Colour black, red, green, blue, orange, yellow



tune – Skyracer redefines limits.…

Limits of Safety. Limits of stability. Limits of compatibility. Limits of speed. Limits of durability. Limits of research.

Safety: No material fatigue. Even after 200,000 test cycles. 3-4x higher impact resistance. Meets the safety requirements of ISO 4210-9 even at its svelte 69 grams (for the record, that’s about 23 cubes of sugar). Made from a 5 times as expensive, aviation proven and carbon reinforced material.
Stability: No adhesive bonding. No weaknesses. 10x stronger than comparable models using. Formed in a single piece. Manufactured at 400 degrees and 300 bars using an unprecedented manufacturing process. This makes the saddle .
Compatibility: It can be used on all seatposts. The “Forged Carbon” Skyracer does not require oversize clamping.
Speed: No more pressure on the perineal region. No slipping. You can focus on your ride. The saddle offers two seating positions, each with two cambers prevents slipping.
Durability: Fully recycled up to 5x. Protects the environment and think to tomorrow
Research: 5 years of development. Investment of 2.5 million.
The icing on the cake: To personalise the saddle. The colour of the nose-piece can be selected from all the available tune colours.

When will you redefine your limits and become a Skyracer?


Anleitung/Manual „Skyracer„

Download (1.00 MB)

tune FAQ

Is the Skyracer comfortable?

Whether the Skyracer is the perfect saddle for you, we cannot predict. But we can give you the necessary cornerstones so that you can decide this for yourself. The ergonomic shape of the SKYRACER deliberately minimizes pressure on your perineal area. The forces are introduced directly into both ischial tuberosities. The ischial tuberos are able to hold your weight to wear over a longer period of time. At the beginning, such saddles can look unfamiliar. As when you descend from your bike in a different way. But you will quickly get used to this health-optimized form. Because the anatomically adapted specific concave-convex saddlecloth offers you two seating positions, relax / race. The seat area is generous and flat. With a width of 126mm the Skyracer fits on all common buttocks. In addition, the Skyracer, with the narrowest saddle point on the market and the curved side edges, combines lightweight construction with outstanding comfort.    

With which seatposts is the Skyracer compatible?

The Skyracer is compatible with any commercially available seatpost. The SKYRACER has two saddle stays with a diameter of 7mm and a center distance of 43mm. The setting length is 75mm. The seating area is located in the rear area of the saddle, which is why the mounting struts are mounted directly under the seating area.  

How is the Skyracer recycled?

The SKYRACER is the world's first carbon saddle that can be completely recycled.

The saddle consists of small single long-fiber carbon snippets, which are not held together as usual with epoxy resin, but by an aviation-approved thermoplastic material. For recycling, the connected carbon snippets are returned to their original state by means of "electrical fragmentation" (similar to a lightning strike). Afterwards, the carbon snippets loosened by the thermoplastic can be used again for the production of a new Skyracer.

That is not enough for us. This process is possible up to 5 times!! We guarantee a holistic recycling cycle.

tune FACTS


Unsere Ansprüche gehen meist über die geltende Norm (ISO 4210) hinaus. Unsere Schwarzwald-Kraftwerke sind der wesentlichste Part um die Betriebsfestigkeit von Naben, Laufrädern, Lenkern, Vorbauten und Sattelstützen zu ermitteln. Zur weitergehenden Beurteilung der Betriebsfestigkeit zählen zusätzliche Kriterien wie Korrosionsfestigkeit, UV-Beständigkeit, außerordentliche Belastungen usw. Und für den Interessierten: Herzstück der Maschinen ist jeweils ein Prozessor, verbunden mit einem pneumatischen System. Die Maschinen sind modular aufgebaut. Entsprechend der Realität ist der Prozessor kraft-und nicht weggesteuert. Er steuert einen pneumatischen Zylinder an, nimmt die Meßwerte einer Kraftmeßdose auf, vergleicht Soll-und Istkraft, verarbeitet sie und überträgt sie per serieller Schnittstelle an einen Computer.

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

Delivery time: 3-4 days

Artikel hinzugefügt!

  • Wir sind RACE-TIPP bei RennRad Magazin

    Unser SKYRACER überzeugt RennRad Magazin mit seiner Leichtigkeit und seinem Komfort!

  • Design and Innovation Award

    The Tune Skyracer clearly is one of the lightest saddles in the world! Design Innovation Award

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