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Seatposts “Starkes Stück” from Tune are super-light by their own inner profile: Reinforced, where it is important. Ideal for steep seat tube angles.

Technical data

Manufacturing process CNC-milled/CNC-rotated, anodized, laser marked
Material aluminium 7075
Tube aluminium 7075
Compensator carbon
Claw aluminium 7075
Arbor aluminium 7075
Bolt titan TIAI6V4
Length 340 mm / 420 mm
min. Insertion 9 cm have to be inserted
max. Insertion 21cm (340 mm), 29 cm (420 mm)
Size, diameter in mm 27.2 / 31.6
Weight 27.2 x 340mm 180g
Weight 27.2 x 420mm 215g
Weight 31.6 x 340mm 184g
Weight 31.6 x 420mm 219g


Starkes Stück

Ultra light, with its own internal strengthening.

Two screw fixing ensures smooth and fine tuning of your saddle’s position, and the self balancing construction keeps your saddle level.

It allows a little setback, ideal for steep angle seat tubes.

Anodised in the most beautiful colours and laser etched.

Limited availability due to high demand and long procurement time of the exclusive raw material. More from summer 2020.


Anleitung/Manual „Sattelstützen„

Download (627.87 KB)

Instruction „Tiges de selles„

Download (481.81 KB)

tune FAQ

Can I shorten the seatpost?

Yes, the Starke Stück can be shortend. However, we recommend that we have the cut carried out. Any modification of the product that has not been carried out by tune will lose all warranty claims. The Schwarzes Stück cannot be shortened for safety reasons.

How much clamping area does my seatpost offer?

In our graphic you can quickly see how much room you have for your seatpost.

Full length Min. Extension length Max. Extension length
Leichtes Stück 340 mm 160 mm 250 mm
420 mm 240 mm 320 mm
Starkes Stück 340 mm 160 mm 250 mm
420 mm 230 m 320 mm

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

Delivery time: 3-4 days

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