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/ tune hubs 2020

The year 2020 will go down in the product philosophy of Tune as a year steeped in history. The past has shown that our strengths lie in expressing the individuality of each individual. And just as only a tailor-made suit fits correctly, our modular system 2020 adapts exactly to your requirements. Configure your hub to match your bike. Tough Enduro use in Canada, kilometers eat on Mallorca or give everything in racing use. Our hubs adapt perfectly to you and your needs. Without compromise!

Choose your bearings! Darstellung-Kugellager-Standard-Endurance-Keramik


Our hub bodies are the basis for your personal hub tuning! Rim brake or disc brake, mountain bike, race bike, Gravel or E-BIke? Choose your components yourself. Affordable hub body for classic curved spokes or straight hubs for straight spokes. Now you can decide for yourself which freewheel, which bearings and which end caps to choose. The compatibility of all components gives you the possibility to modify your hubs in the future. Like tailor-made.



Our STANDARD precision bearings with special bearing grease have been proven for 25 years. An excellent price/performance ratio and excellent durability characterize this steel ball bearing. A standard nylon seal makes it insensitive to most weather conditions as well as the moderate use of steam jets.
Are you on the road in all 4 seasons? Rain, dirt, snow and the use of a high pressure cleaner are your daily routine? There is no bad weather but only unsuitable material? Then our brand new, double-sealed ENDURANCE ball bearings are your first choice. A special plastic material injected around the balls prevents rust and makes regular maintenance unnecessary. Simply install - and forget!
Exclusively for all Roadcyclists and Triathletes - our CERAMIC hybrid ball bearings are available for all gram foxes and wattmeters. The bearing diameter is tolerated with less than 0.25 micron. None is lighter and saves more power than this ceramic bearing. Ideal for time trials, triathlons and anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and their bike.

Choose your end caps! Darstellung patentierte Karbon-Endkappen zusammen


Even after 25 years, our STANDARD freewheel is still the measure of all things. Proven 3 pawl technology made of titanium and a balanced ratio of weight and durability. With this freewheel you are equipped for almost every use. New in our program is our ENDURANCE freewheel. It is reinforced at the points subject to particular stress and achieves a 20% higher stiffness than the standard freewheel. This can play a role if you‘re a little heavier or on the road with a crosser. Or maybe you shoot down the trails with your AM-Fully and take one or two jumps with you? Then our ENDURANCE freewheel is the first choice! The SKYLINE 6TEETH is for ambitious athletes. The weight-optimized freewheel can be ridden with 3 or 6 titanium pawls. Thanks to the increase of the locking points with 6 pawls, you achieve an even higher power transmission. Racing technology at the highest level. The carbon pinion stop ring is the icing on the cake!



To match the various axle systems, we offer end caps made of aluminium and, as the only manufacturer in the world, even made of carbon.
Of course you have to consider the different axle systems like QR5, QR15 etc., but that‘s not the point. Of course our end caps are made of aluminium and with highest precision. Yes, that was the previous standard. Was it enough for you? Not us!
We have developed the world‘s first carbon end caps for you...40% lighter than aluminium end caps!