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Cannondale FSI Standard

Der FSI Standard von Cannondale basiert auf der klassischen Einbaubreite von 142 mm (X-12) / 135 mm (QR5). Im Gegensatz zu normalen Hinterbauten wird bei FSI ein asymmetrischer Hinterbau verwendet. D.h. die Nabe und die Kassette wandern um 6mm nach rechts.Die Nabe an sich ist also eine "normale" Kong, Prince oder Prince Straight, hier bei der Bestellung angeben, dass das Laufrad in einem FSI Hinterbau verwendet wird, damit es bei der Einspeichung passend zentriert werden kann.


Chain-Suck, zu Deutsch:Kettenklemmer - beim hoch und runterschalten vorne passiert es manchmal, das die Kette hängenbleibt und sich zwischen Rahmen und Kurbel/ Kettenblätter einklemmt und die Rahmenstrebe entsprechend beschädigt. Der Kettenklemmer passiert meistens unter Last.

Choose the freewheel body for your needs!

Choose the freewheel body for your needs! Old next to young. The world reinvents itself every hour. Further developments are important. Because they are the basis for lifelong learning. They ensure growth and vitality in all areas of life. Here, too, the wheel keeps turning. However, we continue to value the tried and tested and integrate it into the future. That is why our STANDARD freewheel is still the measure of all things, even after 25 years. Proven 3 pawl technology made of titanium and a balanced ratio of weight and durability. With this freewheel you are equipped for almost every use. For all those who like it harder there is our new ENDURANCE freewheel in our program. It is reinforced at the particularly stressed points and thus achieves a 20% higher stiffness compared to the standard freewheel. Important for you if you are a little heavier and like to ride the Crosser. Or you might prefer to shoot down the trails with your AM-Fully and take one or two jumps. Then our ENDURANCE freewheel is perfect for you. The SKYLINE 6TEETH is for ambitious athletes in the racing bike sector. The motto is: Full speed ahead! Your power is perfectly transmitted with 6 locking pawls and increased locking points. Thus you bring your full power on the road. The weight-optimized freewheel can also be driven with 3 Titanium pawls. This is racing technology at the highest level. As an icing on the cake you get the carbon sprocket stop ring!

Choose your bearings!

Choose your bearings! As different as the applications for bicycles are, as different are the demands on the material. Which type of rider are you? The all-rounder, the 4 - season type or the gram hunter? Allrounder: As an all-rounder you like to rely on the tried and tested and the price/performance ratio is very important to you. Your fields of application are moderate racing bike, MTB or cross. The material should last for a long time. Here we recommend our STANDARD precision bearings with special bearing grease. They have been tried and tested for over 25 years and have an excellent price/performance ratio. The steel ball bearings are distinguished by their excellent durability. A standard nylon seal makes them insensitive to most weather conditions. The moderate use of steam jets is standard. 4 - Seasons: As a 4-seasons type you love rain, dirt and snow as well as summer, sun and sunshine. The use of a high pressure cleaner is your everyday life. For you the motto is: There is no bad weather, only unsuitable material! We recommend our brand-new and double-sealed ENDURANCE ball bearings. A solid lubricant sprayed around the balls prevents moisture from penetrating and thus rust. This makes regular maintenance unnecessary. Simply install - and forget! Gram hunter: Our CERAMIC hybrid ball bearings are your first choice as gram chaser and wattmeter. The bearing diameter is tolerated with less than 0.25 micron. None is lighter and saves more power than this ceramic bearing. Ideal for time trials, triathlons and anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and their bike. Which bearing suits you best? Choose your bearings!

Choose your end caps!

Choose your end caps! That means Racing PUR from today on! Your wheels will be lifted into the Race Olympics with the world's first patented carbon end caps. The carbon end caps are 40% lighter than the aluminium end caps. More performance is not possible. Noble in appearance, light on the wheel. 100% developed, manufactured, assembled and shipped in the Black Forest. From the region, for your racing. What are you waiting for? Be unique, special and extraordinary. The end caps are available for QR12 and QR15.

CNC milling at its finest

All our aluminum products are manufactured with CNC machines. The falling of the chips makes some hearts beat faster.


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