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Accessories from tune: One Shot Sealant has a formulation without ammonia, latex and other common additives and is long lasting.

Technical data

Material synthetic sealing emulsion
Shelf life at least 12 months
Other 60 ml, 120 ml or 1000 ml
Without Ammonia and latex


One Shot Sealant

Tune One Shot – One shot is enough!

Imagine you are driving the race of your life or enjoying your ride and then it happens. Your tire is flat. Shortly before your victory. In the middle of the forest. Your biggest wish? Drive as fast as possible. The tune sealing fluid One Shot offers you two possibilities in use. 1. for prevention. 2. as an immediate measure. Used as a preventive measure, it helps you to avoid the scenarios described above. The sealing milk repairs punctures of a few millimetres in size unnoticed, reliably and independently. Tune One Shot is the perfect puncture prevention for tyres.

Used as an immediate measure, it quickly gets you back on track. Either directly to the finish or home. We recommend that you always have the 60ml with you on the way. This makes the filling process child’s play. With this bottle size, the filling nozzle sits directly on the bottle.

Usual tyre sealants either seal quickly and have a short storage or effective time or remain active longer in the tyre and seal slower. You get both advantages with the tune One Shot Sealing Milk. It seals both quickly and has a longer durability in the tyre. This gives you an absolute high performance product, so to speak. What’s the best part? A completely new formulation allows you to perform the functions without ammonia, latex or other common additives.

One Shot Sealant Milk is designed for use with tubeless racing and mountain bike tires. It reliably seals your tyres and provides excellent puncture protection. Whether for punctures or small cuts. This formulation keeps your tire, tube and rim completely undamaged.

One Shot can be used in all tubes with interchangeable PRESTA valve cores or tubular tyres. The application temperature ranges from -10° to 80° Celsius, the average effectiveness duration ranges from 9 to 12 months, depending on the external conditions and the quantity filled.


tune FAQ

Does ONE SHOT work below -10°C?

We specify as the coldest application temperature for ONE SHOT -10°C / 14°F, up to this limit our sealing milk works without any problems. ONE SHOT also works up to -17°C / 1°F, but here the sealing time can be slightly delayed and there can be an increasing viscosity.

How do I fill the ONE SHOT sealent?

Our 60ml ONE SHOT bottle enables a quick and clean filling of the sealing milk into the tyres. The integrated valve tool in the bottom of the bottle allows the valve to be mounted immediately. The filling trunk is placed on the valve and ensures a clean filling of the sealing milk.... So the assembly is really fun! [embed][/embed]

How can I remove the ONE SHOT out of the tire and dispose of it afterwards?

ONE SHOT is biodegradable and can be removed completely and easily with the help of warm water, some soap and a brush. Since ONE SHOT is biodegradable, no special disposal is required.

Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!
Hier bist Du richtig! Du brauchst geile Teile für Dein Rad >> klick hier!

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  • Tune OneShot Dichtmilch im Test bei

    Das polnische Magazin Nieoceniam hat unsere One Shot Dichtflüssigkeit getestet und zeigte sich nach dem Test sehr zufrieden damit. Gut gefallen hat ihnen unsere innovative Verpackung, mit der ein kleckerfreies befüllen problemlos möglich war. Außerdem war der Tester vom im Flaschenboden intergrierten Ventil-Werkzeug begeistert. Positiv wurde zudem das breite Temperaturspektrum der One Shot bewertet. Unsere Dichtflüssigkeit funktioniert bei Temperaturen von - 10 bis + 80 Grad Celsius. Die wichtigste Eigenschaft einer Dichtflüssigkeit, nämlich das Abdichten von beschädigten Reifen, wurde nur positiv bewertet: "Ein exzellentes schnelles und gutes Verschließen auch von großen Schnitten im Reifen".

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